Horse farm design: Give it a new dimension

What ensures a good living condition for the horses? Well, obviously it depends on the overall surroundings and its place of stay. For example how better off a person is while living in an apartment is not only constrained by the fact that how well designed the apartment is. His overall well being is also determined by the locality of the apartment. Similarly there are certain factors which have to be kept in mind while determining conditions for overall wellbeing of horses in the horse farms. One of such factors is designing of horse barn while keeping in mind this interdependence between the two. Some of the exhaustive components of this interdependent discourse are:


Spaciousness is required for well being for everyone as is the case with wellbeing of the horses in horse farms. Thus Horse Farm design should be such that they have adequate and free space. Horses are among such breed of animals which require regular training and this training process requires ample space. Thus spaciousness in horse farm designs is an important component.

Ample greenery

The amount of trees determines the amount of freshness of air in the environment. So for proper and healthy functioning of the horses sufficient amount of greenery with ample trees is required in addition to free space.

Proper horse barns

Horse Barn is the place where the horses are kept. In other words it’s the stable. The stable where the horses are to be kept should have proper provisions of sanitation, spacious floor designs and proper drainage system. The horse barns should have proper provisions for fire too. In an overall manner it should be cozy and should be safe enough for the animals.

Apart from the following exhaustive components there are some additional factors which have to be kept in mind e.g. using any material which may cause serious injury to the horses must be avoided, also one of the factors which has to be kept in mind is the cost of building. Materials which are cost effective like nowadays metal roofing is used which is comparatively less costly can be used. Also certain other considerations like planning with regards to the feeding room should be kept in mind.

Keeping all these factors in mind Horse Farm Design with effective and required provisions can be built. There are number of sources which provide an idea regarding this, one of them being